Expect a paradigm shift. If you’re not happy with your business and your life, expect to discover new possibilities.

If you feel stuck, expect to have your assumptions challenged, as a client expressed, “The biggest change is getting out of my comfort zone. I am speaking to people I normally would not speak to and going to events I normally would not attend.”

You can have a thriving business... do what you love... AND have a great life outside of work.

Does that sound too good to be true? It's not. I've helped hundreds of professionals do just that.

I help lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, media professionals, real estate professionals and small business owners find harmony between work, family, and play.

Together, we will grow your business to exist in harmony with the rest of your life.

I have the unique ability to look at your business, your passion, your strengths, your time... and then help you align them in such a way that you can accomplish your professional and personal goals.


Voted One of The Top Legal Business Development Coaches in The Daily Business Review’s 2017 Best of Awards


Award-Winning Author of “The Little Black Book” Series


My book features twenty-six of my friends tell me their stories and share what they learned along the way. You’ll hear in their own voices what they overcame to have a sense of fulfillment, what they discovered about themselves, and how they achieved their equilibrium.

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And my newly released collaboration with Jack Canfield, A Recipe for Success: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Reveal Their Secret Ingredients for Health, Wealth and Success Today.

Clients... In Their Own Words.

“Paula provided me with solid, sound practical advice that energized me and helped give me the confidence I needed that the lull in my practice could be overcome (it has!).“ (More)

“Paula has a wonderful personality and is truly a voice of reason. She provides valuable insight and clarity to situations that had become blurry to me. “ (More)

“Paula’s coaching keeps me focused daily on what is important; consistency and honesty to what I do and how far I can push myself and still be effective.“ (More)

Let’s work together to create a plan, deal with the challenges, and make your dreams a reality. Let’s talk!

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